Orlando Day 7 – Epcot / Sea World

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Since the World Showcase at Epcot doesn’t open until 11 AM it was a no-brainer to make this last day a later morning arrival.  We arrived at about 10:30 and initially I was going to head to get a FP for Test Track thinking Soarin FP was going to have a return time that was already too late for us.  But when I got to TT, the return time was only a couple hours out so I raced over to Soarin and got a FP with 4 PM return time which was about the time we planned to exit the park.

We bought the kids Passports in the gift shop right before Canada so they could visit each of the countries to get their passport stamped and the person wrote a message in it.  This kids though this was very cool. We were also going to do the Kim Possible thing but they wanted us to go to the opposite end of the park to start it so we just stuck with the Passports.

We worked our way around and had an early lunch in America because the receipt from the gift shop we visited earlier gave us a 30% discount.  Big mistake.  The food was crappy.  We spent the rest of the day wishing we would have eaten at any of the other countries.  Italy look particularly inviting with a nice pizza and red wine to go with it.  Obviously there was a reason Disney was trying to drive customers to certain restaurants with the 30% off offer.

We visited all the countries but only watched the waiter show in France outside the restaurant and the American Adventure in America.  Both are recommended.  We had also planned to see the Dragon Legend Acrobats rounding out the three top shows in World Showcase but didn’t get to China in time to see the last show.  Oh, we did go on the boat ride in Mexico even though I read it was cheezy but the group was curious.  It actually wasn’t that bad but I wouldn’t recommend it.  We did it only because there was just a 10 min wait.  Malestrom is much much better.

We stopped at Soarin on the way out of the park at 4:30 to ride one of our top rides for a great end to a nice leisurely day 2 at Epcot World Showcase.  This park really does need two full days to do as there were lots of (as I call them ‘second tier’) activities/attractions in Future World that would have been worth going to had we decided to eat dinner at Epcot.  Instead we grabbed Sushi outside the park.

At dinner on our last I commented how nice it was that everything went super smooth.  No injuries, sickness or other mishaps.  The kids and I were the only ones with enough energy to brave the cold low 50’s evening to return to Sea World again just to ride the Kraken and Manta roller coasters.  Unfortunately they had already closed the Kracken so we road the Manta 4 times with no wait, 2 time in the front row.  However it ends up we did push our luck.  On the very last ride of the very last night of the trip, the girl before us puked and it delayed us getting our 4th and final ride for a good 20 minutes.  After the ride, despite the fact I conciously zipped everything in my jacket pockets, one pocket the zipper came open on the ride – probably also the last ride.  Luckily my wallet didn’t fall out but the car keys did.  And luckily my Dad and managed to separate the two sets of keys a couple days earlier so we took a taxi back and I got the keys and retrieved the car.

I might also note we stayed at the Marriott Cypress Harbor for the trip.  It is a nice Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare but a little dated compared to their newer properties but the location was excellent and the property had a lot to offer.

All in all an excellent and very memorable trip.



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