Ko ‘Olina – Final

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Thursday night we went downstairs to Chuck’s for dinner on request of the boys.  There is a huge pond surrounding the restaurant with lots of Koi that they enjoy feeding.  We always get a nice table next to the pond with a view of the ocean and go for Happy Hour which is a great deal considering how expensive everything is ($4 Mai Tais). We discovered the Fish & Chips on the Appetizer menu is a huge meal-size portion so we got away relatively cheap.  The service is excellent too as you have three people waiting on you a cocktail server, waiter, and a bus person and the place is very casual.

Friday we went to the Water Slide park which happens to be only 5 minutes away.  It was pricey, about $140 for the four of us considering an annual adult pass is only $70 and we got the tickets at Costco! They are really soaking the tourists (pun intended.)  We had a very fun an exhausting afternoon riding everything in the park and some things 3 or 4 times.  They had about 10 water attractions to choose from.  The food was typical amusement park fare (hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza) and way overpriced as you would expect at a place like this.  One surprise though was that we saw Seal (a famous singer) and his super model wife, Heidi Klum at the park with the children.  It appeared two nannies were taking the kids on the rides which to me was kind of sad that the parents weren’t participating with them.  Possibly for fear of drawing too much attention but I have a feeling most the people at this park wouldn’t have even known who they were.  I was happy we walked away without Jordan getting is leg stuck in some pump or a bloody lip or something.

For our last dinner, I was too tired to drive, so we caved and went to the Japanese restaurant in the 5-star hotel in the resort.  The food there is excellent but surprisingly the sushi selection is somewhat limited for what you would expect in a place like that.  One thing I can’t figure out though is I’m pretty sure no restaurant at that hotel has a view of the water.  Go figure.  A great dinner, albeit way overpriced, but your paying for the convenience of eating in the resort I guess.  We had fun walking back along the lagoons seeing all sorts of critters including a huge centipede and a cockroach (love the tropics with all their bugs although Hawaii I hear is a lot less than other places.)

The lobby has an automated machine for renting DVD’s which we made use of on several of the nights.

Overall this was a very enjoyable trip.  Our experience re-confirmed why this is one, if not the favorite place we like to stay in Hawaii.  Marriott has really hit a home run as it is so nice to not have to drive to the beach.  Everything including optional activities is at your doorstep to the point you don’t have to ever get in a car if you don’t want to. If you do, Oahu offers pretty much everything else the other islands do with the addition of the big city experience if you are up for that.  The only downside is the traffic around Honolulu is reminiscent of Los Angeles.  I am expecting this resort to get a lot more crowded in the future though as they finish the third tower and the economy comes back in addition to the additional buildings being put up by other developers.  I would expect in 5 years or so this place will resemble Kaanaapali on Maui with more shops, restaurants and high rises.

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