Ko olina, part 3, day 6

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Have visited the other two pools one with sand the other with tunnel waterslide. Sun is incredible but nice breeze keeping it cool. I swear I got burned partially through my t=shirt!! Not crowded. We’ve found a good happy hour deal for drinks and food at chucks and kids love feeding giant koi in the surrounding pond

Finally did the “big deal” Polynesian Cultural Center yesterday. Some call it the disneyland of hawaii. NOT! About what I expected. Best described as a very small, low budget Epcot Center for Polynesian countries. Beautiful grounds. Kids went nuts on a mission to get their “passports” stamped at all the villages where they have a few activities to teach you about their culture. About $200 for all of us included Imax coral reef film and mediocre albeit edible and filling buffet with Horizons big show to cap it off which was entertaining (supposedly best show in Hawaii) PCC was overall best described as mostly cheesy but it supports the byu students here and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Japanese tourists eating it all up too. Would not go back at least at that price. Feel like I made a big donation to the Mormons. Something you do once with the kids.

Resort has turned out just like why we came here in the first place. Overall very relaxing and lots of activities, great service, we are very happy with the resort in it’s present state.

Snorkeling was so so but okay for right in front of where you are staying. Nolan had difficulties with the snorkel because of his teeth made it hard to keep his lips sealed around it!!

We are now 100% convinced Nolan is Grandpa Curt jr. With his eating habits and today a little episode dropping a poop ball in the condo bathroom which Lisa stepped on tracking it around the bathroom and not only did she have to clean that up but he also overflowed the toilet at the same time for a nice poopy soup mess. Lisa couldn’t snorkel after due to nausea. Do not bring this up with Nolan as it is very embarassing for him.

Another funny tidbit is that we took the tram tour at the PCC to the Mormon temple. CAn’t go inside but they have beautiful grounds and visitor center with a 10 minute tactful brainwash presentation about the temple and the Mormon religion. At the end they ask for questions. No one had a question, except for Nolan. “Where do I get my passport stamped?”. You have to understand the kids were promised a toy prize for filling their passports out with all he stamps so they were on a mission. (no pun intended). It was hilarious.

Finally got the boys to dance on the lawn at the beach bar tonight like old times. It is mixed emotions as I can already see the childlike experiences like this slipping away with time. We are cherishing every moment and memory it leaves us.

Water slide park tomorrow…


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