Ko olina, oahu, hi pt 2 day 3

August 4, 2009 at 1:00 am | Posted in Travel, Travelogues | Leave a comment

Pool and beach. That is our routine. Typing this from my iPhone. Can’t get over what an amazing device this is. Eliminates the need for a netbook.

Resort is not crowded. Estimate 50% occupied at best. Latest tower half the units are not finished. They will have a challenge managing the demand when economy comes back and everything is done. Will need another restaurant more bars and larger fitness room. We are probably experiencing the last of the uncrowded summers. Will only come back nov-apt in future to avoid crowds.

All in all still in our top 3 resorts if not #1. Just so no hassle– everything you need within steps. Truly relaxing. No driving. Awesome calm lagoon. Nice pools. Spacious upscale units. We could have easily been fine without the lockout unit

Ocean is warmer than pool! Great staff. Kids love the place. A wise investment. Can get pricey if you don’t bring your own food and drinks though.

Sun is INTENSE this time of year. Lots of activities. Lisa is doing yoga on the beach. Kids are going to build remote control race cars. We all got tatoos.

Neat waterslide. Going to huge waterslide park later this week.

Fed koi today and learned about them. Can live to 200 years and 200 pounds!!

2 weeks would be perfect.


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