Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii Part 1 (Day 2)

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I believe this is the first time I’ve been to Hawaii in the summer.  After the 100+ degree heat in Seattle, we are used to the heat.  It is mid-high 80’s here but the humidity is higher than Seattle so it feels like low 90’s when there isn’t a breeze but it is breezy most of the day so it feels great out.

Flight was uneventful with great service as Hawaiian always is.  Alamo finally has their kiosks running so instead of waiting in the 1-hour line we got the car in about 5-10 minutes!  Thank you Alamo.

Kids didn’t know where we were going until we got there (it was a surprise.)  They are very excited to be hear.  Made our run to Costco and Safeway.  There is a brand new Costco in Kapolei, 5 minutes away now.  The whole Kapolei area appears to have doubled the number of stores (Home Depot, Target, etc.) since we were here 3-4 years ago.

The Marriott Ko ‘Olina Beach Resort (a timeshare) has tripled in size both in buildings and pool areas.   I don’t think this is a good thing for people like us that enjoyed the place early on before it was “discovered” but it seems by adding parking garages and pools they are handling the increased number of guests pretty well, but it is too early in the trip to really tell.  The restaurant we ate at last night, Chucks was not that crowded but the bar/cafe next to the beach was definitely much more crowded than on past visits but that could just be because it is summer.  Although it appears the new buildings are 50% utilitized at most so this place may have the potential to turn into a mad house well fully occupied.

After dinner, me and the kids had fun swimming in the ocean after sunset until it was dark out last night.  They loved that experience and the water is like bath water this time of year.  I actually think the pool is too warm and the ocean is perfect.  That water temperature should be about 80-82.

I may try to post some archives from previous trips I’ve never posted about as I see my last post was my 10-year Anniversary Trip to Santa Fe last April.

More updates and photos later.



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