Maui Scuba Diving Synopsis

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Catching up on some travelogues I never wrote. 

Got a timeshare trade for Maui this time, Kihei area.  For those not familiar with Maui, Kihei is the more “blue collar” section of Maui so to speak, meaning just not as ritzy in both lodging and dining selections as the other areas of the island.  We stayed in South Kihei at the Maui Banyan.  It was a decent condo complex, nothing fancy but well maintained and in a good location.  We arrived on Cinco de Mayo and were lucky enough to have the most popular Mexican Restaurant with 3/4 block walk of our condo complex.  Jody’s girlfriend had a rough time trying to hang with the boys that night.

The weather the entire trip was great.  The diving was not as good as Caymans or Aruba, but not bad.  We went with an excellent dive outfit, B&B Scuba, started by a guy who moved from Chicago.  We nicknamed him ‘Ditka’.  His wife was a local Hawaiian who was into underwater photography and had an uncanny ability to seek out small yet amazing sea creatures.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring my battery charger so I only was able to take a few pictures.

 B&B like to be the first ones out which meant showing up at the boat each morning no later than 6 AM!  As a result, our evenings were pretty mellow.  Our major excursion was with Maui Star Gazers who we followed to the top of the Volcano in the 30-degree weather at night and gazed out of a large telescope setup in the parking lot.  It was quite rewarding for Scott as he is into that sort of stuff.  We saw some interesting things through the telescope but nothing I would characterize as amazing or spectacular.  Other than the Big Island, this is the best spot that you can drive to for stargazing on earth.

We ate in during most of the week, thanks to Costco, to save money.  We splurged one night and went out for sushi and at the end of the trip John and I checked out the Grand Wilea and had a modest lunch amongst the “rich and famous”.  I didn’t think the Grand Wilea was anything more spectacular than the Grand Hyatt on Kauai.

I left a day earlier than everyone else to get back to my family before the weekend was over.  While loading the SUV I went to reposition it with the hatch up and forgot about the parking garage ceiling beams and scrape the hatch.  Thanks to American Express Rental Protection, it was a $0 incident but I laughed that the rest of them would have to drive around in their beat-up SUV the rest of the trip.

Other than the Stargazing trip we never ventured outside the Kihei/Wailea area.  Kihei was not a bad place to stay but I’d probably rate it at the bottom of the list as far as town I’ve stayed in, in Hawaii.  A good place to go on Maui if you are on a tight budget and it served our purpose very well as the boat dock was only a 3 min. drive down the road so it softened the blow of getting up at 5:30 AM every morning.


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