Rapid City – Final

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We got a late start and went straight to Sam’s hotel.  Spent a few minutes shopping downtown (not much there) and ate lunch at the Firehouse.  We had considered touring Custer National Park and seeing the Crazy Horse Monument which is, when finished, going to the the largest sculpture in the world.  They’ve been slowly working on it for 16 years (having funding problems) and only have the head done but the four heads of Mt. Rushmore can all fit inside Crazy Horse’s head to give you an idea.   We decided to forgoe the trip due to the hour drive to get there (then another hour back).  Other than that, it seemed like we were running out of decent attractions to visit.  Kids would have been content spending each day at Pirates Cove mini-golf.

Instead we toured the Museum of Geology at the School of Mining and Technology.  Really cool if you are into rocks, otherwise pretty small and boring.  I would have liked to have returned to spend more time in the Journey Museum which I was my favorite attraction of the whole trip (followed by the Kid’s favorite, the Alpine Slide.)

Spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  Kids went swimming in the pool then headed to Sam’s hotel for the Gala Dinner of the Conference.  Food was pretty good and there were a couple of performances by Native Americans including the World Champion Hoop Dancer.  This was a male dominated activity and this female dancer’s brother died two years ago, thereafter she picked up where he left off and was one of only two female dancers at the championships and ended up winning it two years in a row.  The dancing was interesting but not as remarkable as the dancer’s story.

The Black Hills area of South Dakota is indeed an interesting place to visit.  Surprisingly interesting. I would recommend visiting this area if getting to it was convenient (if you were within a half day’s drive, or a cheap/quick plane flight.)  I guess every American though should at least visit Mt. Rushmore once in their life.

Most importantly I’m glad we were able to make this trip more enjoyable for Sam during this difficult period in his life.

Rapid City Rapid City


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