Rapid City Day 2

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We started today with a trip to Storybook Island.  It is a free park/playground with all kinds of storybook themed displays, slides, etc.  There is a small outdoor theater that we watched a short childrens play (about 20 min.)  Nolan and Jordan thoroughly enjoyed it.  It wasn’t anything that extravagant but I was impressed that there was no admission (donation boxes everywhere.)  In addition to the show, you can do the entire park in about an hour, longer if the kids want to play on the playground.

During the afternoon we went to one of the other highly publicized attractions: Bear Country.  It is a drive-thru wildlife park.  You must keep your windows rolled up as the bears get right up next to your cars.  Saw a variety of interesting wildlife.  The baby bears, in a separate viewing areas that you park and go see, stole the show.  It is incredible how well they can climb trees.  We were lucky they were very active when we were there.    Overall the park was worth a stop, but maybe not worth the $50 admission price (they charge by the person up to a maximum of $50.)  Once again, Nolan made a b-line for the gift shop as soon as we got out of the car.

We returned for another ride on the alpine slide in Keystone by popular demand since we were already halfway there.  Also visited the ‘National Presidential Wax Museum’ across the street.  Jordan is into Presidents so he enjoyed it.  The wax figures didn’t look vary accurate though.  A nice time killer though in an air conditioned facility.  The forest in the Black Hills with all the Ponderosa Pines and granite mountains is really quite beautiful.

The highlight of the day (for the adults at least) was a superb dinner at The Corn Exchange Bistro.  This is by all accounts the best restaurant in town and we weren’t dissapointed.  Very casual. It’s going to be all downhill from there though.  It was a nice change from the night before where Sam said his steak was barely edible and almost sent it back (that’s pretty bad coming from Sam who doesn’t complain often.)  Lisa said she had the best salad of her life. After dinner there was a photography shop next door and a huge orange cat came out and rubbed up against the glass door wanting to be pet and rolled over on his stomach.  Then we saw the picture of the Employee of The Month on Wall and all got a good laugh.

The second highlight of the night and probably the whole trip so far, as far as the kids are concerned, was Pirates Cove mini golf.  It was actually a pretty nice facility and a great activity for the balmy 85 degree night.  We had a very good time there.  Seems like no matter how far we travel the kids like the stuff commonly found almost anywhere the best (video arcade, etc.)  They are begging to return there.

An interesting thing about Rapid City is that it appears the downtown streets have a bronze statue of a President on almost every corner. 

 Storybook Island Storybook Island Reptile Garden Prarie Dogs (day before) Bear Country Bear Country Bear Country Bear Country The Cat The Cat


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