Aruba – Part 4

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John and I dove this morning (9 AM as usual) while Scott stayed back back at the resort again to hang out at the beach.  Dove two plane wrecks on the first dive.  The first one is a DC3 I think.  It was pretty broken up from a Hurricane years ago.  It was in about 80 feet of water.  The second sunken plane was perfectly intact at about 55 feet.  It was a jet smaller than a 737, (80-100 passengers?) but was gutted for smuggling drugs.  We swam in through the front door and out the back door. – a very strange feeling being underwater in a plane.  Unfortunately no pictures this dive since my batteries ran low. The second dive was a drift dive at about 1.5 knots along a reef.  Lots of fish, a turtle, moray eel, etc.

We had a phenomenal dinner (once we found the place) at the Sunset Beach Grille.  Scott even got his Jaggermeister (they were HUGE shots, I almost threw up trying to drink one).  It was also phenomenally expensive once again but just about worth it. 
Aruba seems to lack many good choices for moderately priced dining of good quality.  There’s a handful, then some fast food chains, and then there are numerous gourmet places charging on average $25-35 an entrée!  We ordered the "Martini Salad" and forgot about it.  The waiter came to the table with a martini shaker and a giant martini glass.  Said we ordered a Cosmopolitan and we all stared and each other like "huh?"  He opened the shaker and proceeded to pour a delicous salad into the Martini Glass – ha ha nice joke.  We had a great time that evening.  Found a great bar with a pool table and a DVD Jukebox with a flat panel screen behind the bar where the music videos played.

I never mentioned our interesting rental car experience.  Because I booked late and needed a large enough vehicle to accomodate the three of us and all of our dive gear, I booked through a local company like I did in Grand Cayman.  They are called American Car Rental.  We rented a Jeep Cherokee Grand Laredo.  It had 39K miles on it.  The air bag warning light was on, one of the reverse lights were out, and the passenger side seat adjustment motor didn't work.  I called and asked for a new car the next day and got another Cherokee Grand Laredo this one had 79K miles on it but had leather interior and a V8 instead of a V6.  The steering wheel cover was peeling away so your hands got sticky everytime you drove it.  The up and down adjustment on the driver side didn't work.  The rear hatch door didn't always stay up.  The car chattered violently when cornering sharply as if the differential was probably dry and had no oil and of course the Perform Service reminder would come on every time you started it. We kept it anyway.  One day after coming back to the car, Scott had left a pop can on the floor of the front seat and was surprised to fine a bunch of what looked like baby cock roaches all swarmed around it.  Apparently we weren't the only ones in the car. 

Scott and John played golf on the new 9-hole course the next morning while I stayed in the unit, slept in then got some work done and then headed to the beach for a brief visit before they came back.  The humidity is so bad the Subway sandwich they brought back for me and put in the refrigerator was soggy wet only an hour later.

I still can’t get used to the heat here.  Low 90’s with around 90 percent humidity is just miserable for any outdoor activities except watersports.  I did find that if you sat on the beach as close to the water as possible, it was bearable for 20 minutes or so at a time but then you had to go jump in the ocean to cool off.  Just sitting at the beach is so boring though.  The sun was so intense.  I could not have imagined playing on the beach with the kids for extended periods like in Hawaii.  It is so hot and humid, especially with some cloud cover, that when you turn the A/C up in the room you can’t see out the windows from all the condensation that builds up on the outside!

We watched the weekly King of Limbo performance at the resort Wednesday night.  The place was rockin.  (smile)

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