Aruba – Part 2

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Dived another boat wreck today at about 80 feet then did a drift dive along a reef at about 45 feet on the second dive.  Visibility was about 50 feet. More divers today.  We went into the cargo area of the wreck.  Still haven't found Natalie Holloway's body.

aruba_c.jpg aruba_b.jpg aruba_d.jpg Jeff

The sun is very intense and the weather is relentlessly hot (low 90's) and muggy although it was partially cloudy today which was kind of nice.  It is still hot enough (along with the diving) to really tire you out.  I've been taking refuge in the air conditioned room part of the day.  Wireless Internet works from the balcony so I have a nice view of the pool and ocean while I use the computer.  Watched The Simpsons in Spanish last night. It was hilarious.

I'd say at least half the resort is probably older retired couples.  A few families but our age group seems to be in the minority probably due to the time of year (school in session – oh ya, we're not in our early twenties anymore so that shouldn't matter.) All the action is in town.  There were 3 cruise ships in the port and more businesses were open.

Noticing more and more Dutch living and visiting here.  Had a good dinner at Iguana Joes last night.  Almost ran over a 3-foot iguana in the road driving to Wendy's this afternoon for lunch.  There are some pretty big ones 2-3 feet in the bushes by the pool.  I may try to bring one home for the boys.

John and Scott are golfing in the morning at 7:30.  I have no desire to golf in this heat although it is much more comfortable in the morning until about 9:30 or 10 AM. 

One thing nice about this place is there are no peddlers badgering you on the beach and in town like in Mexico and some other places.  The beach is very uncrowded.  They're doing water aerobics in the pool right now to Frank Sinatra. The Bartender is a big Futbol fan – lot's of commercials with soccer players down here.

Lost a little money at the craps table last night after dinner.  Probably try to hit the Sport Books and put a bet or two on the NBA Playoffs which we've been watching a little of at night. 

They have a Harley/Motorcycle sub-culture here for some reason.  The parking lot next to the resort had some sort of Harley get together.


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